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5 min readApr 18, 2021

How to use the tools on Nukta to promote your retail business WITHOUT running a loyalty program.

The name suggests that its a loyalty program. While its true that you can build a loyalty program using our platform, there are tools on our dashboard that will allow you to market your retail store WITHOUT running a loyalty program.


We understand why you may not want to run a rewards program. You may not be in a position to proportionately reward your customers. After all, customers will expect the reward if you’ve promised it to them. Yes, we understand that not all stores can afford to run a traditional loyalty program. There are numerous studies proving that a well run program WILL give you a good return. But, that’s a discussion for another day. Today, we’ll assume you want to use marketing tools but without the rewards costs.

Here’s how:

Before we start, you should know that you can sign up for a free, no credit card, no obligations free trial. This gives you access to the dashboard and test all the tools before deciding HOW to use them. So, once you get your credentials and log in, you can get into the settings to define how many points you want to give per unit of your selected currency.

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Once inside the setup account section, scroll down and find the issuance rate box. Set your points to “1” In other words, your issuance rate is 1=1

The key part of using the Nukta tool WITHOUT having to run a loyalty program is to NOT upload or publish any rewards!

Before you start using any of the tools you’ve got to invite your customers to sign up for your program.

  1. You ask your customers to sign up through

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2. Once they sign up, they will automatically get their own virtual card number along with a welcome email. If you have a database of customer emails, there’s a bulk upload import feature under utility.

3. Encourage them to quote their card number/email each time they buy from you. Ask your employees to remind them.

So, your asking yourself — why would customers do this?

You can entice them with 3 possible strategies. Depending on the nature of your business, you can decide which may work best for you:


Go to the dashboard menu, select create draw and define your rules. You can be as generous as you like.

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How often, how much is the prize etc is all up to you. After a month, you can get the system to pick your winner AND message your customer. You can handle the distribution of the winners prize any way YOU choose.

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Go to the dashboard and select Discount and then create a campaign. You can define it any way you like. Our help pages and youtube channel has videos to guide you.

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In the above example the store is offering 50% on the customers 3rd purchase within the defined dates. This can be defined any way you like. You decide — the system automates the reminders.

The promo message could be something like this:

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Isn’t it great when customers refer their friends to you? But not everyone does this. Now we have a tool that gives them a nudge to refer their friends, ie new customers to your store. Go to your dashboard and under utility, click on create referral campaign.

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The customer will be able to see the referral campaign on their own dashboard. This is how it will look. If they decide to participate, they can click on REFERRAL code and pass it to as many friends as they like. They can even whatsapp it!

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Click on whatsapp to shoot it off to a friend or copy paste and use the communication tool of your choice.

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Here’s a suggested promo flyer:

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So, there you go, we’ve shown you 3 ways to use the tools on WITHOUT actually running a loyalty program!

We are on a mission to help retailers market themselves WITHOUT breaking the bank. Get in touch for a demo or take it for a spin by signing up for a free trial.

Asif O.

18 April 2021

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