Use the “Instant rewards” tool to reward your loyal customers.

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3 min readApr 6, 2021


Create instant rewards.

Rewarding customers for their continued loyalty should be an easy task, having tools that allow you to make the process seemingly smooth is essential. More often, customers want Instant rewards because they are drawn to the feelings received from instant gratification and same-day delivery from loyalty programs.

The Nukta Loyalty program allows you to create instant rewards campaigns for your business, essentially driving up your customer’s visits and purchases at your store. The tool is structured to ensure swift and easy set-up for your instant reward campaigns, making it even much easier to show customers how important they are to you.

The points earned by your customers can be redeemed as coupons, gift cards or any other reward, so, each time the consumer makes a purchase, they experience the pleasure of an immediate reward.

Let’s dive into the Nukta Platform. Remember, only a Partner Manager can set-up or create instant reward programs. Employees may only process the rewards to customers via the dashboard or app.

As a partner manager, you have the freedom to personalize your customers experience while reinforcing their consumption of your products.

- On the instant redemption option under utilities, you can customise your rewards.

- Create a code that will be used a reference by both employee and customers, give your reward a name and description, upload your product image for customers to be aware of what the offer is for (this will also appear on the list of rewards available for customers).

- Select a time period for the reward, whether monthly or weekly etc. at your own discretion (remember to market the rewards on time so customers are aware when to claim etc.)

Add your terms and conditions and generate a link for the reward.

The employee or customer is issued with a reward code via email which they click to redeem instantly and it also appears on their Nukta member app for redemption.

Additionally, the Nukta Program allows you track your redemptions just as easily. Partner Managers and Members may follow/view all the instant transactions that have taken place over a certain period of time. They are able to track when the transaction took place, how many points it cost them and who allocated the points.

Let Nukta help you run the perfect instant rewards campaign for your business. Offering not only an interactive and simple, user-friendly interface and dashboard (requiring no additional software) but also a smooth process for carrying out your instant redemptions from beginning to end. Find out more on the

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